Food: Pregnancy Cravings

My husband says I am the most understanding pregnant lady ever (like he's met a lot of other preggers out there lol) - He says this because whenever I crave for some Filipino food (and he's too tired to drive me to this filipino restaurant which is 30 minutes away coz he just came from work) I just say 'that's fine baby.  I can eat my fruits for now' Or I just ask him to take me to a filipino store and I will buy the ingredients and cook what Im craving for instead! Ha! Im smart lol

So, these were the 2 dishes I made.  

This is called Pancit Palabok - I used spaghetti noodles(which is what I prefer) instead of the traditional thin rice noodle that you have to soak - which is too much work.  You basically need a package of the Palabok mix and there are a looot of recipes online for this. 

This is one of the famous Filipino desserts called Cassava cake.  I haven't made this prior to this one that I made, and I was surprised how good it turned out.  I found this recipe (which i will link below) and followed the measurements as it is - and it was perfect!  Even my 
in-laws say so :o) 

I'm very grateful that with my pregnancy, I didn't experience any morning sickness or being picky with food or having weird cravings whatsoever.  There were times I crave for certain things - but if I cannot have it, it really didn't bother me.  Hubby tries to keep me & baby happy as much as he can.

Cassava cake recipe:

Happy Cooking!!



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