I remember telling you or asking you to take me back,

but you never did..
because I am still in this place
where I’ve felt most vulnerable and weak

I remember talking to you each night,
sharing with you my very thoughts and emotions,
my pain, my desires
and yet not a word from you

I remember crying to you, being angry with you
questioning you why you never seem to be with me
when I needed you the most

You never said a word
But deep in my heart I know You never left me
You never questioned me
You never got angry with me
You never stopped loving me

Being alive, being able to laugh and cry
Being able to feel all these emotions
Being able to come to a realization about all this
Is so much more
than what I’d asked from you

And still, up to this point,
You never gave up on me,
You never left me


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