SWATCH & REVIEW: Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm & Matte Balm

Today I have the revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm & Matte Balm.  Not entirely sure
when these came out in Canada, but I am happy to have spotted them today!

These are the jumbo pencil twist up type - which is the same as the Just Bitten Kissable Balm stain released just last year (you get the same amount of product 0.095 oz;  the same 'minty' scent and the packaging)

These are not marked as Limited Edition - so hopefully they will be a permanent item on the drugstore shelves.

I must say, these are better than the kissable balm stains released last year.  

Here are some quick swatches:

(colours from top to bottom: Coquette - Demure - Complex(matte) - Standout(matte) )

This is my natural lip colour & im an NC20

Now, lets look at the Matte Balms

I only got 2 colours - a nude and a red (they come in 10 different shades)
as PharmaPlus only had testers for some other 3 colours .. so I didnt want to take the risk.

250 - Standout

this is my favourite out of all the colours i got. the name says it all.  'Standout' applied very smoothly
and did not settle into the lines.  Pigmentation is EXCELLENT!  This colour also left a nice stain on the lips.
(It may not look matte in the photos because of the lighting) 

230 - Complex

Not a fan of this shade in particular.  It is a nice nude, but as you can see, it settled into my lip lines.
I might have to add a bit of a gloss - but then that would defeat the purpose of it being matte wouldn't it?  Oh is what it is

i had to layer it on like 5 times to get it to this colour

The Lacquer Balms are up next!

The lacquer balms are more hydrating and its comfortable on the lips.  It doesn't feel think or sticky.  You will get more of a sheen more than a glossy effect.  The only thing i dont like about these, are the little specks of glitters it leaves your lips... i like glitter, but not on my lippies :(

105 - Demure

A nice pinky nude colour for sure!  It applies evenly and as i've mentioned earlier, it leaves a nice sheen on your lips.  And if you look really closely, you will see tiny sparkles or glitters on your lips.
It also leaves the lips a tingly sensation - which is not apparent on the matte ones.

110 - Coquette

i love this colour.  Not too dull not too bright. Just perfect as an everyday colour ^_^
this also applied evenly on my lips, and did not settle into the lip lines.

Im not sure if you can spot the glitters/sparkles?  
it does not look too bad here - but i would've loved these more if i didnt need to
remove the glitters afterwards ^_^

So, which one do you prefer? The lacquer balms or the matte balms? 
Share your thoughts to our fellow makeup junkies out there!

wuv yahz


  1. I prefer the matte ones. I really did not like the lacquer ones because I feel like they settled a lot into my lip lines and it faded so unevenly & glitter, definitely not for me, but Standout is love! I have used it so much since purchasing!

  2. So happy that these are finally available in Canada, thanks for the heads up!!

    I prefer matte formulas for all lipsticks so I'm so excited to check out the Matte Balms, especially Standout, which looks stunning on you!



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