HAUL: ColourPop Cosmetics

So after watching a million youtube videos about ColourPop, I finally decided to place an order (you can only buy these online) and thought 'hey its only $5 a pop', and won't be so bad in case I won't like the products.

I ordered a few in each category: 3 lippie stix, 3 eyeshadow, and 2 blush ($8 ea)

I placed the order March 24th and got an email confirmation on the 27th advising that the products have been shipped.  It took a total of 1 week for my order to arrive(April 1st) in Ontario Canada.  Shipping charge was $13.40 (my total was $54.40 USD).  I received a $5 off promo code for subscribing to them - which I've used for this purchase.

Here are the photos/swatches:

Amaze - I couldn't help myself and swatched this one... It was beautiful!!! (ps. I am NC20/NC25 just for reference)


On the Rocks

* The eyeshadows have this mousse-y/cream to powder texture so you need to be gentle with these.  A little goes a looong way, and to be quite honest, these blew me away more than the lippie stix.  The  colour payoff is super vibrant and pigmented (as you can see from the photos).  The texture is very smooth and creamy..I wouldn't ask for anything else in an eyeshadow.

*I bought the matte lippie stix only to try, and I am not disappointed with the ones I have.  They are very creamy and applies evenly.  The darker shade (Bichette) left a bit of a stain on the lips.  They also felt comfortable on the lips. 

*I also only bought the matte blushes.  They have a lot of vibrant shades but I figured I wouldn't go wrong with the more neutral ones... you know just in case.  
The blush also has a cream to powder texture and again, a little goes a long way with these too. 

On the boxes, it tells you to make sure the lid is secure to 'keep the magic in'

I was going to order more, but Im going to hold off for now ... maybe they will offer a lower shipping rate to Canadians .... (nudge nudge Colourpop)



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