SWATCHED: (Coming soon to Canada) Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick - The Buffs Collection

Today I have the Maybelline's ColorSensational lipstick - The Buffs collection.
These are already out in the US but will be available here in Canada on January 14, 2014 - so mark your calendars!

I have been a long time fan of Maybelline, as their products rarely disappoint me.  I was impressed by the Vivids lipsticks and the ColorSensational high shine lip glosses are my favourite lip gloss ever.  

Vivids lipstick live swatches -
ColorSensational lipgloss live swatches -

Going back to the new collection... there are 8 colours and in my opinion, the colour selection will suit a lot of skin types.  let me show you.... 


910 - Bare All 
This is the lightest shade, and with my NC20 skin, this totally erased my lips lol.  It was like a lip eraser - which can totally be a base for brighter lipsticks

915 - Blushing Beige
Nude with pink tones 

920 - Nude Lust 
This is my favourite out of all 8 shades.  My PERFECT nude.  
The colour is very similar to #915

925 - Maple Kiss

930 - Truffle tease

945 - Stormy Sahara
similar to truffle kiss, but with a light pinky/orange-y tone

950 - Untainted Spice
lighter than 955; has a hint purple undertones

955 - Espresso Exposed
Now, this colour surprised me when i removed the cover.  I thought this was too dark to be considered a nude - but again, the collection can accommodate a lot of skin tones.  When I applied this on my lips, it was a perfect fall colour - it was like cranberry/wine...but of course you can sheer it out of a wash of colour on your lips

I had high hopes for this collection, just because the Vivids & the lip glosses were a hit for me...and the buffs did exactly that. I love them!  The texture was creamy and applied smoothly on the lips. 

The only shade I had a problem with was the lightest one (910) - because it was so light, it emphasized some dry areas on my lips (so if this colour suits you, I highly recommend that you exfoliate your lips with some lip scrub and moisturize) 

I kinda like the packaging as it completed the 'nude' collection really well.  the names are also quite cheeky for this line *_^ My most favourite is the shade called "Nude Lust" - now I know the names are not as vulgar as the ones from Nars, but you know what Im sayin' yes?

I've filmed a video with live swatches for all eight colours -which is now LIVE on my channel - so be sure to check it out ^_^

I was excited when I heard about this collection coming out - and to now have them, its even more exciting ^_^ 
Huge thanks to Maybelline's PR team for providing these lipsticks! They were everything I hoped they would be. 

here's what 920 looks like on me ^_^



  1. I was lucky enough to find 915 at my CVS but I am still keeping an eye out for 920, it looks stunning on you! (I'm pretty sure you meant 920 not 925 for the last photos) Thanks for the lovely review :)


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