REVIEW: L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly mascara


I have a blog post (Current Favourites) where I've included this as my current fave mascara.
I love the Maybelline Falsies, but this might be even better!
This mascara does not come in waterproof version - and it did say on the packaging that it is "clump-free, flake free, and smudge free".  I thought to myself 'lets see about that' - because I've always had issues with smudging from non waterproof mascaras.

But before I tell you what my thoughts are about this product, can we please look at this packaging?? its adorable!

Anyway, so I tried the mascara, and my first reaction was - it was too wet... so i gave it a couple more days before I tried it again.  It has a scent which was weird, but I didnt mind it as it was tolerable for my nose.  

I love the brush as the one side is good for the lower lashes, and the 'wing tip' side is perfect for giving your lashes that flared look (I've included a before and after photo).  It definitely gave my lashes that extra oomph and length and I was like "aaahhhh!!"  Now, it said its clump free - yes it is, if I stop at 2 applications.  But normally I can get away with just one.

I did notice a teeny bit of fiber when applying the mascara, not sure if it really helps that much.. but in my personal opinion, it would do great without.

They also claim that it "removes easily with sopa and water" and they couldn't even be more right.  The removal of this mascara is super easy.  I really just use soap (dove is my soap of preference lol) and water.  Normally, I use makeup wipes followed by Bioderma to remove my waterproof mascaras (this saves so much time and money ^_^)

the left eyelash is applied with the Loreal Butterfly mascara
the right eye are just my plain ol lashes ^_^
(ps. wearing circle lenses here for drama... lol)

Close up time!

these are my normal lashes 

and these are my lashes after 1 coat of the L'Oreal Butterfly Mascara

So yes.. I super LOVE this mascara!!

which mascara is your current favourite? let me know which are your recommendations ^_^



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