REVIEW: Maybelline Color Elixir

Today I bring you the Maybelline Color Elixir


                               Vision in Violet                                                Caviar Couture

As you can see on the above swatch, the color is very opaque and pigmented!
I've heard other youtubers saying they are not impressed with the pigmentation - but i concur (atleast to these 2 colours in particular).  

Here it is on my lips ^_^
The colour (Vision in Violet) was a teeny bit more violet on my lips than it was on the bottle(has more pink i think..but almost bang on).. and to be quite honest, im not even sure how to wear this colour.  I mean, I dont know if I can pull this colour off..but this shade is great nonetheless.

The Caviar Couture is great for the Fall/Winter season.  This colour looks super dark on the bottle (which was a bit intimidating, and made me think twice about purchasing it).  But since i don't have this colour in my collection, I thought I might as well (lol)
I noticed it has some fine sparkles, which I didnt mind.  In my opinion, it added to the glossiness of the colour.

The texture feels a bit thick on the lips (for my liking), but its not uncomfortable.  its not sticky when you press your lips together.  It is super glossy, and as I've mentioned, the colour is very pigmented.  My only complain about these color elixirs is the scent.  it smells like jasmine flowers plus something else that i cannot put my finger on.  When I tried this color, i was hoping the scent would wear off but it kinda lingered on (and i wasnt even wearing it for that long) that i wasn't able to tolerate the smell at all :(

My verdict?  I would give them a pass (unfortunately).  I would rather buy the ColorSensational High Shine lipglosses instead (which I have majority of).  I know the description for the Color Elixirs are not similar to the ColorSensationals, but since these (Color Elixirs) are not marked as Limited Edition, I'd rather spend my money on the ColorSensationals.  The reasons are: 1 - you get more product; 2 - super pigmented and non sticky.  3- smells better

What do you guys think of the Color Elixirs? 
Gotta have it or Not?



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