FAVOURITES OF 2013: Miscellaneous

Lauren Luke [CA $8 - blending brush]
Eco Tools $CA7+
Real Techniques [Core Collection $18]

Lauren Luke -  this is the brush line of a famous beauty guru on youtube - Panacea81.  These are the very first make up brushes that i own, and i absolutely love them.  I've been using these for about 2 years now - and the brushes still look good.  The bristles are soft and comparable to a more high brushes, and has not shed at all. Awesome price point and i love the pink accent. (CA $8+)

Eco Tools - these drugstore brushes are actually good.  I only own two - fan and pencil brush.. but my favourite is their fan brush.  I love how soft the bristles are and its perfect for applying highlighters or even powders.

Real Techniques - brush line of Samantha Chapman or Pixiwoo from youtube (I'm sure everyone knows her and her sister Nic).  And ever since I got these brushes - i was hooked!  I originally bought the core collection.  then i got the eye starter kit and then travel kit.  I am still waiting on the duo fiber collection to hit Canada (and I am excited!)  I love how these brushes are well made.  It makes make up application a breeze, and everything looks flawless.  I've had these brushes for less than 2 years now, and they are still as good as new.  I haven't had a problem with shedding whatsoever. I highly recommend these.  (And you can buy these from Walmart.)

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream - a multi purpose moisturizer that really stays long on the skin.  I use this for my lips, hands and dry patches on my face.  it has a thick consistency (ointment) but it really soothes very dry chapped skin. ($ 20)

Philosophy Almond souffle - OMG!!! this really smells soooooooo good! Its actually a duo (might be a holiday product, not sure) and its only $30 - now that is cheap for a philosophy product.  Anyway,  in my opinion, its a darn good alternative to Laura Mercier's creme de pistache.  The almond souffle feels and smells good on the skin.  Its not too thick, not too think either.  I love that the scent lingers on the skin for a long time, but its not overwhelming (which is sometimes the case for the laura mercier.) I hope this becomes a permanent product for Philosophy - coz i'd be stocking up on it for sure! (CA $30 - duo set)

Clean perfume - love at first sniff.  the scent "SKIN" is what i love the most - I've also got a blog post explaining why i am obsessed about this so much. (CA $39)

Bath and Body works sleep spray - the chamomile & lavender scent really provides the relaxation you need during sleepless nights.  works great for me - and will continue to buy it! (its super affordable and has a matching body cream & bath products as well)

Lavanilla deodorant - with all the hype about the high content of aluminum (causing breast cancer) from deodorants, this brand is the answer to that.  Lavanilla is an all natural deodorant that contains NO aluminum, parabens or hard chemicals.  It claims to have essential oils with "with powerful anti-oxidants and beta glucan technology for daily defense and nourishment".  Now since this is a deodorant, it won't prevent any sweating or whatnot(there are a lot of antiperspirants now that are less harsh - i.e. all natural or organic), so just be aware of that. (CA $23)



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