Swatched: L'Oreal Million Carats lipstick (LIMITED EDITION FOR HOLIDAY 2013)

May I present to you, 
the L'oreal Million Carats (Limited Edition line for holiday 2013) lipstick 
{just felt like this lipstick needed an intro because it's so glam!}

Aahhhh the packaging!  It's very pretty (sparkly obviously) and luxurious looking.  Makes me want to apply this lipstick every 10 minutes just so I can take it out of my purse and show it off (lol)

Loreal Million Carats lipstick in Pink Star

this was layered on 3 times to show the gold shimmers in it

There are two lipsticks for Loreal's limited edition holiday line - Pink Star (swatched) and Midnight Rouge.   I was a bit hesitant when I saw glitters in it, but I got it anyway.  As usual, there weren't any testers, so I played it safe and bought the more neutral coloured one. (Maybe Santa will gift me the other one hehe)

Pink Star is, well a pink shade (your lips but better) with gold glitters.   This looks so much better in person- it almost looks like it has a gold pearlescent finish.  It applied evenly,  and  had a great slip on the lips.  It did not feel dry at all.

The glitteriness (is this even a word?) is very subtle...until you have to take it off... now it (glitter) isn't too chunky and should be easily removed with a makeup remover (thats it, not a big deal) but would've absolutely loved it if there weren't any glitters left behind once the lipstick wears off - because I LOVE the colour a lot!

let me know if you will give these a go ^_^ 

i just cant get over the packaging!!!!! 



  1. This color is beautiful and looks great on you! Must find it and pick it up for myself. You should (or do you?) have a Bloglovin' account, so I can like this post. :)



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