i bought a set of 8lb weights and a pink (yay!) yoga mat today.   as soon as i got home, i changed to my workout clothes and played my turbo jam dvd. 

to be quite honest, before i discovered Turbo Jam, i hated excercise. . im the last person who would think about 'working out'.  but then one late night, i was watching tv and the infomercial for Turbo Jam was on.  i watched for a bit .. maybe got intrigued by it... and long story short-i bought the DVD

i didnt do it as religously as i should - but for the first week, i lost 5lbs! i was ecstatic and i thought that - i dont need to change my eating habits - i can always do this workout and lose the extra weight after 

boy was i wrong..that made me lazy,  i didnt excercise as much and ate as much as i wanted .. and before i knew it, im 10lbs heavier! i was so upset ... i thought that its probably because of my new job and that im stressed .. blah blah blah .... ive got all the excuses i can ever think of, right? .. 

omg..all my clothes were tight.. my pants wouldnt close and i found myself buying 'fat clothes' coz none of my clothes fit me anymore!  i started running on the treadmill but didnt feel like its doing anything for me - and then i found my turbo jam dvd with the other workout dvds(that failed) - and i promised to myself that for my 28th birthday, i'd live a healthier lifestyle.

And so.. since March, i have been doing Turbo Jam everyday - except for when i get the late shift at work ..ive lost 9lbs (and kept it off!) and all my clothes fit me so much better!  i can see the definition in my arms and legs and thighs ... BUT my problem area is still my tumtum .. lol! ughz i want it to be firm so i can actually call it 'abs' :D

i hope i dont sound like an infomercial! lol AND NO I DONT WORK FOR TURBO JAM OR BEACH BODY AND NO THEY DIDNT PAY ME TO BLOG ABOUT THIS (just so we are all on the same page here..hihi)

i want you kids to try it out! if i was the laziest person who hated excercise, im sure you all can do it !

let me know!!



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